Here’s what you should look for in hardwood flooring

The hardwood flooring option is an exciting one, as it adds immense character and great value to any room it’s installed in. But the process, especially to someone new to the flooring line, can often seem daunting. If you’re looking for the best hardwood materials and services, we have some information that should serve you well.

What should you look for in hardwood flooring?

The most critical choice you'll make is choosing the perfect hardwood species. Some species cater explicitly too busy, bustling homes where durability is the number one requirement. If you have frequent houseguests, children, or pets, good oak wood is a perfect choice; as it's hard enough to provide the durability and wear protection, you'll need for your busiest spaces. It's also important to know that engineered hardwood flooring is the best option if you have below-grade spaces. It stands up well to the moisture, dampness, and humidity that often occur in these spaces, as well as the frequent temperature changes. It's still natural wood, with a veneer of solid hardwood in your species' choice, and provides many of the same options and benefits. No matter which of these wood floors you choose, acclimation is required before installation can begin. Wood products react to any level of humidity, even if you can't see it with the eye, and it's essential that your new flooring reaches the same inner humidity level as the environment into which it's being installed. The acclimation period can take from one to three days, under most circumstances, but may require a more extended period, based on the weather on the installation day.

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